Unlock the full potential of your 24 hours

In a world full of distractions, Clearminute helps you to focus on your goals. We believe that everyone can accomplish more by mastering the art of deep focused work.

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Avoiding distractions is one thing. Measuring your progress is equally as important. Accurately measuring your productivity can be cumbersome—manual activity tracking, starting and stopping of timers, accounting for unplanned distractions. The built-in tracking capabilities of Clearminute make this easy: we take care of all the distractions and deliver you the insights you need to improve your productivity.



Fully Automated Tracking

Clearminute keeps track of your activities in a fully automated manner. The Chrome Extension generates accurate reports of how much time you spend on various websites during the day. It’ll also automatically take account of the short breaks you do away from the computer.


Deep Focus

Feeling ambitious today? Enter deep focus! It blocks all distracting websites so that you can focus on your work. The more time you spend in deep focus, the bigger the productivity boost you will experience.


Maximum privacy through local data storage

Everything the Chrome Extension tracks is only saved locally on your computer. We use local storage in the browser (IndexDB) for all the data. Nothing is being sent to our servers. The extension doesn't even require registration. This is the highest level of privacy you can get.


Insightful Reports

The web dashboard presents you with extensive hourly, daily and weekly activity reports. Inspect your time spending patterns to identify unproductive habits and monitor your progress towards being more efficient with your time.


Free & Open Source

Clearminute is free forever. All the code of the extension and the web dashboard is open-sourced on Github under the GNU GPL v3.0 License. Please feel free to join the conversation and contribute directly on Github.